Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Worst Kind of Hunter” (B+)

A small-town setting like this provides the opportunity for the sheriff to know just about everyone, and it’s quite interesting to see who he turns to for advice and information on certain things. The fact that he went from the county’s tree-hugger to its number one hunter when the first wasn’t available was also quite entertaining, though it made for some trouble when the former shot the companion of the latter, who just happened to be a very pissed-off Vic. She was rather open about the problems in her marriage with Walt, and that’s one relationship that I’d love to see more of since he clearly understands that it’s not as if she’s happy in Wyoming. Keeping it in the family was a fun choice since it allowed Peter Weller to pop up as the curmudgeonly, trigger-happy former Sheriff Connelly, uncle of least popular deputy Branch. Watching him offer unsolicited advice on the case and talk to Walt about the good old days was a blast, and I hope that he’ll return again for another outing. This episode was full of familiar TV faces, including Wade Williams, best known as Brad Bellick from “Prison Break,” and Cristine Rose, the Petrelli matriarch on “Heroes,” both playing characters related to the mauled criminal and his victim. For someone who’s rather old-fashioned and conventional, it’s a shock to see him do something totally insane, like threaten to release a bear from its cage to get a confession out of the disgruntled and disgraced warden.

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