Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 4, Episode 7 “Fools Russian” (B+)

Having Hank in a different place actually worked out pretty well in this installment that featured two notable guest stars and gave Dr. Sacani yet another opportunity to become more ingrained in the HankMed family. In the city, Hank had quite a time, treating Boris’ faked symptoms, getting romanced by a translator, and helping to set up a medical treatment for Mark Ivanir’s Dmitry, a crucial component of Boris’ impending deal. The fact that Christina is coming back to Shadow Pond means that Hank may be stretched thin both professionally and personally, which could be fun, and she’s not a doctor, which may make dating her less complicated, if not for Boris being their link. Ryan Hansen from “Party Down” make for a great millionaire space cadet, and it was most fun to see him and Evan bond over their love for all things space-related. Evan chewing Dr. Sacani out for being too blunt was harsh, but, as usual, Dr. Sacani managed to find an unconventional way to impress his boss. Paige’s involvement in HankMed thus far has been nothing but productive, and it’s really too bad that she and Evan won’t have the first wedding in space. Divya’s father not talking to her wasn’t much of a surprise, but it seems that they managed to get to a good place by the end of the episode. The fact that he didn’t try to commit suicide but still made Divya think he did suggests how much he cares about their relationship, and she was smart to be supportive but not to take sides in her parents’ marriage problems.

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