Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 2, Episode 3 “Dignity” (B+)

I like that the supporting characters are getting a chance to speak and to have plotlines of their own this season. Steven Weber’s Jeremy is a real tyrant, and his manipulation of Ryan’s deadline from the following week to the following day was rather cruel, and it wasn’t something pretty for Amanda to see. His fascination with Wilfred, however, seemed to put Ryan more in his favor, though a deadline extension should never be used as an excuse for procrastination, rather an opportunity to get something finished ahead of time. With Wilfred as a distraction, however, it’s hard to get anything done. Of course, Jeremy appears to have his own distractions, so maybe Ryan will end up wielding the power in that dynamic after all. I loved that Amanda told Ryan that she’s have to eat on their first date because she was starving, and that he responded that maybe they shouldn’t do the customary style of having the guy pay. It’s great that Ryan didn’t postpone his date with Amanda since the two of them could really work out, until she reaffirms her dislike for dogs and freaks out when Ryan tells her that he sees Wilfred as a talking man in a dog suit. Wilfred’s antics at work did become tiresome rather quickly, but the best part of the entire performance was his imitation of the famed “Are you not entertained” scene from “Gladiator.” Wilfred’s perception of the world could use some work, and he could start by not having Bear take notes, since that didn’t work out so well for him this time.

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