Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominees: Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 5/7, picking Laura Dern over Edie Falco and Melissa McCarthy

It’s always frustrating when there are more than six nominees, especially if the extra inclusions don’t feel totally worthwhile. After her surprise win last year, Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly) returns again, and Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) is back too, along with a supporting friend whose time I would have presumed had long past. Tina Fey (30 Rock) is another obvious familiar face, and Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) makes it in despite her show’s appalling Best Comedy Series snub, though she also picked up a nod for penning the episode “The Debate.” At least there’s some room for new faces, though not for Golden Globe winner Laura Dern (Enlightened). Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) is in, and her show did pretty well, though not as well as the series of Lena Dunham (Girls) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep), both of which managed Best Comedy Series bids.

Who should win? Deschanel or Poehler
Who will win? Probably Louis-Dreyfus, though there are too many nominees to be entirely sure.

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