Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Closer (Mid-Season Premiere)

The Closer: Season 7, Episode 16 “Hostile Witness” (B+)

For some reason, this episode is considered to be part of the show’s stretched-out final seventh season, despite the fact that it’s been over six months since the show aired five episodes to continue the previous summer’s season. Either way, I’m happy to have this show back on the air for six more episodes before it essentially becomes the same show again with Mary McDonnell at the helm. Brenda’s having to play a lot of self-defense, though she’s not exactly making it easy on herself by so blatantly going after Billy Burke’s Philip Stroh, last seen in season four. He makes for such a good villain, keeping his cool and baiting Brenda even more often than she tries to reel him in. While pursuing Stroh without authorization, Brenda managed to incur the wrath of D.A. Baldwin, who in turn got Captain Raydor scared for the security of Brenda’s job and Pope just about as wound up as he’s ever been. There’s definitely a sense of nothing being held back after the Johnson Rule was created, and Brenda inviting a witness over to her home so that she could then take her to a nightclub was quite extreme. Fritz likely won’t stand for that, and something tells me that Brenda may leave Major Crimes of her own volition rather than being forced out. Either way, the next and final five episodes are going to be fascinating to watch, if this strong and energetic introduction is any indication of what’s to come.

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