Monday, July 16, 2012

What I’m Watching: Suits

Suits: Season 2, Episode 4 “Discovery” (B+)

With each passing episode, Mike is being more overconfident, and that bit him in the ass (pardon the expression, but they’re using language like this incredibly often on this show) when an annoyed Harvey assigned him to Louis for two weeks as a punishment. Fortunately, it gave Mike the opportunity to see Louis at his best, crushing his opponents because he feels personally offended by them, and unfortunately, he got tape-recorded insulting Louis and lost his shot at being the go-to guy for both of the top dogs at Pearson-Hardman. Harvey turning down Louis’ help was rude, as usual, and Daniel was roaring with fury when he found out that Jessica and Harvey had kept him out of the loop. It’s no surprise that Harvey’s grandstanding tendencies would have earned him a nemesis determined to take both him and his firm down, and maybe this will be just the thing that proves Daniel’s loyalties once and for all. Rachel doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose now that Mike isn’t romancing her, and I can do without the spotlight on Harold, who is an utterly useless character. I did like Donna’s quick thinking and willingness to make it seem as if she and Mike were engaged in an affair, though things are going to be getting much less funny for Donna now that she’s realized that she alone is to blame for the document that Harvey never saw. I’m sure he’ll stick by her in the end, but there’s no way this can be good for their relationship.

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