Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 6 “Hopeless” (B+)

It seemed far too easy for Eric, Bill, Alcide, and Sookie to take down Russell. The aftermath of that particular exchange was far more chilling, as Authority member Kibwe viciously took out all of the human witnesses rather than glamoring them, and Eric glamored Alcide while Bill pretended to glamour Sookie. She dealt rather swiftly with the realization the following morning that Eric had told Alcide that he found Sookie repulsive, and Alcide was quick to spring into action once he remembered what he had been supposed to forget. Being the leader of the pack may have interesting consequences, but hopefully he an join forces with Sam again now that he’s been deputized despite his “lack of investigative training” and he saved Andy’s life. There are some bad people out there trying to kill vampires and other supes, and Hoyt’s male companion got splattered rather violently all over him. Sookie’s trip to the fairy nightclub is sure to lead her down a disturbing path to some vampire – hopefully not Bill or Eric – who killed her parents because they smelled her blood on a band-aid. Bill and Eric, however, are going to have much more to worry about since a polo shirt-wearing Roman was so eager to get Russell killed right away. Eric realized something was wrong when he was talking to Nora, and I’m really not sure where this Lilith business is heading. That app failing led to the surprising death of Roman, which means ensuing chaos for the Authority and a likely hostile takeover by none other than Russell himself.

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