Monday, July 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 6, Episode 5 “Split Decision” (B+)

It’s rare that a show peaks so late into its run, but after plenty of years of Michael being misguided and manipulated by one shadowy agent after another, the show is now just focusing on action and a very determined Michael working as hard as he can to ensure that he can get Fiona out of jail and out of harm’s way. I’m equally thrilled that John C. McGinley’s stint as Card wasn’t a one-shot deal, and he had even less patience than Michael has recently in this hour as he tried to execute the takedown of Fiona’s gun dealer. Whereas in the past Michael has been somewhat aloof about leaving things so that a slightly bad guy is marked for death, it looked like he was ready to let Wes shoot his wife because he thought she was the traitor. Fortunately, it seems like everything worked out well, thanks in no small part to the quick thinking and excellent driving of one Sam Axe, who willingly made himself the subject of a car chase and then bailed into the water so that he and Rebecca could escape by boat. There’s nothing like two spies that hate each other working together, and it was a lot of fun in this hour. I like that Card has become so involved in the path to Fiona’s release, and I can only hope that we’ll see much more of him as Michael moves one step closer to finding Anson and getting Fiona out of jail.

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