Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 3 “The Last Thing You Should Do” (B+)

Auggie’s trip to Eritrea was never going to go off without a hitch, and getting taken hostage by pirates with very specific aims was an unfortunate turn of events. Julianne Nicholson was a determined and vicious enemy, and it was lucky that Auggie was there to think quickly and save the lives of Parker and Wade. Pretending that Parker was Wade’s fiancée was a smart tactic, and getting his fellow hostages to barrel out of the back of the truck as soon as they saw daylight to make a run for it was a crucial split-second decision. Running and jumping from building to building took guts, especially for a guy who can’t see. Lena and Joan spending more time together on an operation was the last thing anyone needed, and the fact that Annie got to have final say over decisions concerning her good friend Auggie showed that they should never be paired up on anything again. Their animosity clearly stems from events long in the past, and Lena taking Joan’s operative didn’t help matters at all. Auggie proved himself to be extremely loyal by holding onto the ring the whole time, and hopefully his heroic actions swayed Parker into trusting him again after he read her in under the least desirable of circumstances. Michael’s unseen return looks like it will take Danielle out of the picture, at least for the time being, but I think that’s a good thing since she didn’t really add anything to the show, even after being read in by Annie.

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