Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 2 “Sound and Vision” (B+)

Annie has only been working with Lena for a short time, and she’s already paired up on a mission with someone from her old team, but I think that’s a positive rather than a negative since Auggie is easily this show’s most endearing character. Additionally, it’s a good way to keep Joan involved since she gets to play out two power struggles at the same time, one with her husband and the other with Lena, both of whom have taken away her strongest assets. Though he can’t see, Auggie is an excellent asset in the field, and he and Annie work together quite well. Annie rushing back up the fire escape to help Auggie when he was being attacked was extremely loyal, but the best collaborative effort on their parts was when Annie shouted directions to Auggie while he was battling an enemy agent in the elevator. Red Rover was a fun and wild addition, and it’s nice to see Auggie with a kindred spirit. On that same note, Annie did not seem happy to hear that Auggie was proposing, and I wonder whether Parker will say yes and the relationship will continue. It’s best that Annie and Auggie haven’t hooked up yet, and I think the feelings – mostly platonic – that they have for each other are better left unspoken. Annie didn’t miss a beat after Auggie’s departure, stepping right back into action to go see Simon and continue her mission. I like the notion of a long-term job, and I think Simon a great asset for Annie to develop, or a target, whichever he may end up being.

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