Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Closer

The Closer: Season 7, Episode 18 “Drug Fiend” (B+)

This episode hit especially close to home for Brenda in a way that the season-long case that has troubled her didn’t. To be fair, Dr. Parr had just about the worst bedside manner ever, and he wasn’t exactly cooperative with the investigation. That final scene in which Brenda told him he didn’t deserve an apology and then broke down when she told him she was going to bring her father in because he’s considered to be one of the best was quite powerful, and it’s seeming ever clearer that Brenda is going to make her exit soon to move home to be with her parents. The continued alienation from Pope will certainly help that decision along as well, as Raydor becomes increasingly more involved in the daily operations of Major Crimes. Discount drug dealer Wally spouted an interesting viewpoint on cancer medication, and this episode featured an especially compelling series of events that led up to the revelation that Wally was the one responsible for the patients not being treated. On a lighter note, it’s good to peek into the personal lives of the detectives other than Flynn and Provenza. Anne had just about the least comfortable experience seeing Gabriel in action, highlighted by Brenda’s misconception of who she was and her unfortunate decision to speak up and inform Dr. Parr of his legal rights in front of Brenda. She’s likely not as judgmental as Gabriel’s mother or grandparents, but she’s in no mood to be messed with right now.

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