Monday, July 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: Suits

Suits: Season 2, Episode 6 “All In” (B+)

I had honestly expected to see Harvey somehow go after Donna and try to bring her back in this hour, but it seems that he has other things on his mind and a firm determination to move forward without dwelling too much on the past. His new assistant seems entirely competent but a bit overeager for Harvey’s tastes, and I’m not so sure he’ll last. Harvey picking Mike up in a tux and bringing along an extra one for his associate to the casino he was banned from for counting cards was an entertaining start, though the situation in which Peter Outerbridge’s Keith Hoyt found himself was considerably more serious. Harvey’s methods of trying to discredit the company’s alleged new owner were typically conniving and cold-hearted, but it’s hard to expect anything else from him at this point. What was most interesting about the case was Jessica’s relationship with the judge. It’s intriguing to hear about her tendency to pull pranks on people, and unfortunate that the judge she had embarrassed so many years earlier wasn’t willing to recuse herself from the case at the start despite her obvious conflict of interest. Louis and Rachel’s bonding at the ballet was fun, and there’s nothing quite like seeing Louis in action. I’m still not happy with Harold being featured on this show since he’s such an incompetent character, and it’s disappointing to see Rachel make the same mistake as Mike did and betray Louis’ trust by letting him take the Dictaphone. The final scene with Harvey coming in to threaten Louis was intense, and I suspect that encounter will make Louis a whole lot more amenable to working with Harvey in the near future.

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