Monday, July 16, 2012

What I’m Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 2, Episode 4 “Guilt” (B+)

It makes sense that Wilfred would perceive babies as an enemy, and it’s yet another thing that drives Ryan nuts and makes his life extremely difficult. Wilfred’s multiple recountings of the epic supposed battles between dogs and babies, which were still cute, were highly amusing, and I particularly enjoyed Wilfred’s verbalization of the unborn baby’s insults, such as PEN15. Wilfred’s inability to surpass the gate was hilarious, and it’s great to see Wilfred actually behave like a dog every once in awhile, particularly because he still appears human to Ryan and us viewers. Kristen’s return is most definitely not a welcome one, since she’s not quite as mean as she was before she went to India but she’s just as aggressive and manipulative as ever. Reacting negatively to the news that Ryan is now working for a startup trying to cure cancer was absolutely appalling. Discovering the restraining order filed by Dr. Ramos seemed like a recipe for sweet revenge on Ryan’s part, but of course that was far from the case, since Dr. Ramos’ wife was the one that made him file it and he was actually interested in pursuing an affair with Kristen under Ryan’s roof. Amidst all this familial crisis, Ryan’s relationship with Amanda seems to be progressing nicely, and she’s clearly not afraid to speak her mind, as evidenced by a rather graphic and unsettling story and her strong desire for Ryan to have a bite of squid so that he wouldn’t objet to her breath when he kissed her.

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