Friday, July 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Closer

The Closer: Season 7, Episode 17 “Fool’s Gold” (B+)

It’s so much fun when Provenza and Flynn get themselves into trouble. Being present at a pawn shop while a robbery was being committed is among their larger offenses (finding a car with a dead body in a garage comes to mind as well), and it was even more fun because Provenza’s first ex-wife was there with him. I enjoyed watching their interactions quite a bit, and it was especially entertaining to see them posing as a corrupt cop and his wife. Provenza switching off the comm to suggest a one-to-five-minute activity was amusing, and his insistence of the original cost of the ring was endearing. Frank the dog eating the glove worn by the robber was most worthwhile for the uncomfortable confession it elicited from Brenda and the furious reaction it elicited from Pope. The number one suspect, the shifty Mr. Cooper, was considerably over-the-top as an interview subject, but that kind of personality works well on this show since all of the detectives are skilled executors of sarcasm. The search for the gold coins gave Fritz a sense of purpose and involvement in the case that was considerably less serious than his affiliation tends to be, in a good way. There’s a clear tie for the episode’s funniest moment: Provenza and Flynn reading off a concocted list of gluten-free items such as chicken parmesan, and Flynn being told by Liz that Provenza’s four ex-wives consider him the fifth ex-wife, meaning that he’s earned an invitation to their monthly gripe sessions.

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