Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: Anger Management

Anger Management: Season 1, Episode 6 “Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient” (B+)

His judgment may not be quite as bad as that of the previous Charlie he played, but this anger management therapist sure picks interesting women to date. To be fair, his initial meeting with Ellie was innocent enough and not malicious in intent, and there’s no reason they wouldn’t have hit it off even if Charlie wasn’t trying to one-up Kate’s intellectual affair. It did turn out, however, that Ellie was considerably more invested in making Kate jealous and taking advantage of risk-filled situations than Charlie, and her flagrant attempts to excite and startle Charlie while Kate was in hi house were only slightly less deplorable than her intense desire to have sex on Kate’s couch. Fortunately, Charlie didn’t seem too dismayed by his status as the first man to turn down sex from a hot woman, suggesting that he is able to exhibit some level of self-control. His efforts to establish a phone tree following Lacey’s injury didn’t seem like they were going to work out too well, but Patrick managed to put it into action after his first call to Ed was rejected and he turned instead to Lacey, who called Nolan to do her bidding, which resulted in a scene that probably should have been seen onscreen and landed them all in jail. I’m continually pleased by the role the patients play in the show, and I like that Kate is also a regular player who doesn’t do much in the way of therapy for Charlie but still manages to analyze him on a rather consistent basis.

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