Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dallas

Dallas: Season 1, Episode 5 “Truth and Consequences” (C)

Things are happening awfully fast in this show, with not one but two major secrets unfurling so early on in the season over the course of just one hour. Rebecca confessing her complicity to Christopher makes sense since she has seemed not to be on board with her brother’s plan for a while now, but makes considerably less sense is the fact that Tommy isn’t eager to give up and still plans to bring Christopher down despite the very obvious outing of his evil master plot. Ann is extremely kind to give Rebecca the time of day, and hopefully she’ll inspire her to help sabotage her brother, something which is sure to make Tommy furious. J.R. making his move seems especially ill-timed after Rebecca’s betrayal, but he’s just the type to hit someone when they’re down. His comment to Bobby, “I’m taking back what should have been mine in the first place,” received an equally determined quip in response from the nicer brother: “I’m going to make this right, and I’m going to take you down, brother.” Christopher’s oh-so-clever bribing of Tommy’s doorman led to a worthwhile revelation, but he too played his hand too soon, and I doubt that he made copies of the incriminating DVD that implicates John Ross in J.R.’s scheme. Getting J.R.’s sale reversed shouldn’t be so difficult, and red tape has never been so obnoxious. In terms of villainous characters, Mitch Pileggi’s hug-obsessed maniac seems like he may give J.R. a run for his money.

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