Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 2, Episode 2 (B+)

After a strong pilot episode, the show-within-a-show really saw its ratings tank. It’s a fun echoing of reality that’s extremely well-executed here, though it’s sad that Sean and Beverly are so oblivious to what’s happening. The return of Andy Button made for lots of laughs since Merc couldn’t stop using one particularly damaging expression and Carol was the one who had to be the go-between for the two of them. Merc’s comments about his name were perhaps the most amusing of that plotline, though I also liked the pitch session that ended in his question about what other animals can talk. Sean trying to brag about having sex with Morning was hopelessly awkward, and fortunately it hasn’t yet become immensely problematic with Beverly, though it may now that Matt knows. I enjoyed seeing Matt get so excited about Sean sort of listening to him, especially since he had developments to report about Merc’s wife and some activity in his dressing room. His gift of fancy cars to both Sean and Beverly took the entire episode to fully take effect, but it makes sense that he would try to rectify the situation with a financial solution, something which Beverly was surprisingly quick to accept. We haven’t seen all that much of Head of Comedy Myra Licht lately, and therefore it was a real treat to get to see Beverly and Sean dismayed to have a table read with her that was both incredibly funny and incredibly awkward, something this show does extremely well.

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