Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dallas

Dallas: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Enemy of My Enemy” (C)

When you’re trying to take someone down and steal from them, relinquishing the most damaging (or helpful, in this case) information is probably not the best move. Though it seems that aiding Christopher and Bobby in keeping Southfork is the least of Rebecca’s problems, given the breaking news that she’s pregnant. Both Ann and Elena seem to have a soft spot for her, however, and with her latest charitable act, Christopher may be willing to forgive her. There are still a handful of love triangles in the Ewing family, and I suspect that Marta is going to come for Elena soon, and John Ross may be too distracted by his oil-related moves to be able to do anything about it. Harris sending Ann flowers and a necklace was bold, and he paid for it by taking a sucker punch from a furious Bobby. He also managed to flip-flop on what he told her, siding with Sue Ellen instead and writing her a generous check for her campaign that he’ll surely cash later despite refusing her offer of a job once she’s elected. Sue Ellen is also establishing a dangerous precedent with her son, and he’s not even the most manipulative member of the Ewing clan. J.R. trusting his son to resolve everything isn’t wise, and he’s likely to come up against a few problems in Las Vegas as he schemes to get into yet another lucrative business that might be able to make him rich in Texas – gambling. There’s a reason this show has already been renewed for season two – the lying and the treachery are never going to stop.

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