Friday, July 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs (Season Premiere)

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 1 “Hang on to Yourself” (B+)

Opening with a bang is one way to start a season off, and things are definitely different now. Jai’s death isn’t immensely impactful since he was never used as a strong character aside from his investigation of his father, and he’s likely to be more interesting in death due to the secrets he possessed. Annie getting saved by her umbrella was quite fortunate, and that’s going to stick with her for a while. A transfer away from Joan is intriguing since it leaves her former supervisor out in the cold with no employees, especially since Auggie has been reassigned by Arthur to take over Jai’s old job. His death made Arthur mean, since he tells Auggie to deal with his new position and coldly informs Joan that his decision is final. I’m thrilled to see Sarah Clarke, best known as Nina from “24,” as Annie’s new boss, Linda Smith. The role was originally supposed to be played by Rebecca Creskoff of “Hung” fame, but Clarke seems to be doing a terrific job of making the character dynamic and three-dimensional. Annie’s new assignment boasts both a compelling personality and a magnificent location, and there’s nothing like a Moroccan sandstorm to get your heart pumping. Annie really is going into a deep cover mission, and that tattoo popping up on Simon’s back and on Auggie’s box of files means that she’s in way over her head. Richard Coyle, who starred in the underrated “5 Days of War” last year, plays a great mystery man whose allegiances have yet to be proven.

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