Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: Common Law

Common Law: Season 1, Episode 8 “Joint Custody” (B+)

I’m actually enjoying the fact that, especially in its episodic titles, this show is managing to tie therapy into its plotlines in a non-invasive way. Forcing Travis and Wes to take care of a police dog was a fantastic setup, and it helped to reveal quite a bit about both partners. Wes’ unexpected enthusiasm for the dog was particularly fun, and I liked the reasons that both partners gave for needing to get rid of the dog on their assigned night: to have sex with a woman that wasn’t his owner, and because the hotel kicked him out after he kept sniffing what was clearly someone on the floor smoking pot. The group’s suggestion of joint custody was entertaining, and I also liked Wes forcing Travis to confess to the group that he had lost five staplers. Wes needing to find a good place to take care of Hudson led to some positive romantic development for him, even if it wasn’t quite as speedy or effective work as Travis tends to produce. Having the captain gather together all of the officers to tell them Hudson had been killed while Travis and Wes used the very much alive dog to determine which cop was dirty was clever, and they seemed quite proud of themselves, which made it all the more fun. Having Hudson around may also have helped Wes to take an important step, since he gets a chance to spend some time with Alex and realize that a companion other than Travis may be just what he needs.

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