Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 4 “We’ll Meet Again” (B+)

There’s some freaky stuff going on in this hour on multiple fronts. A possessed Lafayette wreaking havoc on Sookie’s car and causing her to nearly be killed is immensely disturbing, especially since he’s the only one aware of how unstable he is. Jason, who was actually quite smart about how he handled learning about Sookie’s guilt, with some important help from Jessica, of course, is now in over his head after hearing from his cousin that his parents were killed by vampires. Let’s hope all the male fairies did was expel them from the forest and not wipe their memories clean. Sam’s shifter friends getting shot is immensely problematic, and suggests that maybe his war with the wolf pack isn’t over. The flashback to Iraq was unsettling, and good things aren’t likely to happen in South Dakota. Alcide blaming Debbie’s death on Marcus to her parents was clever, and it seems that even he can’t be mad at Sookie for long, despite the fact that she’s surpassed Tara as the show’s most obnoxious and useless character, doing little else but drinking, singing, and whining in this hour. Pam seemed truly hurt by Eric’s inquisition, and I wonder how her being released from him will change things. I enjoyed seeing Bill counsel Tara on the early stages of being a vampire, and Pam providing Tara with a willing girl to feed on is about as motherly as she’s likely to get. Roman’s reaction to finding another traitor – the child vampire – in the Authority was swift and furious, and something tells me he’s only going to get angrier as events progress, which is good for no one.

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