Monday, July 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: Wilfred (Season Premiere)

Wilfred: Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2 “Progress” & “Letting Go” (B+)

It’s an enormous delight to have this wacky show back on the air, and this particular premiere happens to be excellently constructed for maximum cleverness and enjoyment. The lack of clarity throughout the first episode is an asset, since it makes Ryan’s life seem crazier and less tethered to reality than ever. The guest cast was stacked, including Robin Williams, Allison Mack, and Steven Weber. I love that Ryan identified Williams as himself after he quoted a line from “Good Will Hunting,” and that was what led to his deduction that the office he had been dreaming about was actually real life. Though recurring guest stars aren’t plentiful on this show, I’d love to see more of both Weber, who tends to be consistently intriguing, and Mack, who I haven’t seen on anything since “Smallville” ended. I enjoyed her defense of her attractiveness based on the symmetry of her face. The final moments of the first episode were fantastic, as Ryan refused to allow his reality to be taken over, smashing through the closet wall with intense musical accompaniment to reveal the basement hidden behind it. Finding a blank will might have been disastrous, but one with only two words on the last page – “Keep digging” – is perfect, since it means that Ryan won’t let his mind get the better of him, and instead he’ll keep indulging in his friendship with Wilfred. Jenna and Drew certainly aren’t doing too well in the season’s second episode, and Wilfred seems to be desperate for Drew’s approval, resenting Ryan as a result. Ryan’s encouragement, however, may just have gotten him back on Wilfred’s good side.

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