Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Weeds (Season Premiere)

Weeds: Season 8, Episode 1 “Messy” (B+)

This show has been wacky almost since the beginning, and now it’s back for one last round that’s sure to be wild as ever. The opening credits song, “Little Boxes,” is back after a multi-year hiatus, now complete with a clever illustration of all of the phases the show has gone through since year one. Starting with Nancy’s face covered in blood and her talking nonsense nonstop led to her being in a medically-induced coma for the majority of the premiere, which was a strange thing considering how predominant she usually is. While she was under, no one actually paid her much thought, as Silas and Shane laughed about his being in the police academy, Jill and Andy had sex right next to her bed, and Doug checked her breasts. Andy’s new friend in the cafeteria was perhaps the most intriguing development of the hour, and I’m hopeful that he returns to his rabbinic roots to see if this friendship can help him get back to a better place. Shane criticizing the clumsy police work he observes was entertaining, and Daniel Roebuck’s cop seems to react in an appropriately calm manner to the antics of those around him, as opposed to the dismayed relative of Nancy’s neighbor. There were so very many suspects to be considered, as Nancy’s sons went through, and it’s interesting to find out that it was Tim Scottson, who has plenty of reasons to blame Nancy for ruining his life. I wonder what part he’ll play as the season goes on, and I’d love to see him and Shane come face-to-face again.

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