Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Episodes (Season Premiere)

Episodes: Season 2, Episode 1 (B+)

It’s been a full year and a half since this show has been on the air in the United States, and it’s a delight to have it back. The opening segment was very clever in how it subtly showed that Sean and Beverly are now living apart, amiably working together but nothing more. I love that Carol and Beverly became friends over the break, since seeing more of her is always a good thing. Her frustration about being taken ring-shopping for Merc’s wife is understandable, though the rest of her problems aren’t nearly as sympathetic. Merc’s wife showing Matt a good time during the pilot screening was a curveball, and I liked Sean’s reaction to Matt telling him, citing him as the obvious choice to tell about sleeping with someone’s wife. I enjoyed the choice clippings of bad reviews, including “Pucks sucks” and “LeBlanc shoots a Le Blank,” yet, as always, bad reviews usually mean excellent ratings. Morning sure brought down Sean’s excitement when she explained that pilot ratings mean nothing and that they can easily crash and burn later on, but she rocked his world by planting not one but two kisses on him, calling them birthday presents. That’s an exciting development for Sean but not for Beverly, who’s still clinging to the notion of being with Sean and relishing the opportunity to still work with him since they’re not together anymore. I wonder if that gift in his car is going to change anything, and I’m sure that, no matter what happens, things on set are going to get pretty awkward very soon.

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