Thursday, March 10, 2022

Round Two: Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her: Season 1, Episode 2 (B)

It’s both rewarding and frustrating not to know much of what is really going on, since we have plenty of clues but no definitive answers about who Laura really is. What is worthwhile is that we’re experiencing that confusion along with Andy, who is doing what she was told but doesn’t know why it is that she has to do it and how her mother could have so many different licenses and a parked car in a storage unit just ready to go in case of an emergency like this. Among my greatest fears is being as tired as Andy was on that long drive, and I’m glad that she arrived to Carrollton, which is apparently about four and a half hours away, without incident. It’s not so helpful for keeping her under-the-radar that her name and face are being broadcast on TV, and asking the first guy she met to train her on how to use a gun also probably wasn’t the best idea, especially considering he may have a link to the man who tried to kill her mother. Gordon and Laura have an unusually close relationship for him to be willing to drive a mystery man tied up in the back of his car to an unknown destination, and he was very ready to go ahead and take care of the body when the guy had a seizure and died right there while they were parked on the side of the road. I’m curious about these flashbacks, which show a character played by Terry O’Quinn seemingly getting shot, and also about Laura’s relationship with another man who appears to think quite highly of her, Charlie, played by Gil Birmingham.

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