Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Take Three: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 3 “Viking Funeral” (B+)

Put this show near the top of the list of series whose pilots I watched and liked enough to keep going but just didn’t have the time or energy based on the circumstances of the moment to continue. I watched the first two episodes of this show, which aired back-to-back, in October, and now I’ve decided that it’s not too much to catch up on, with seven more episodes to go that I can watch to meet it in time for episode eleven, which by the time of this review’s posting will have already aired. I’m a big fan of actress Rose McIver and appreciated her similarly death-centric role in “iZombie,” so I’m thrilled to see her on another show that makes great use of her talents. I like that she used the fact that the ghosts were on her side to get Jay to agree to do the fountain rather than the roof, which of course led to the unearthing of Thor’s bones. His desire for a Viking funeral led to an entertaining opportunity for Jay to participate in something he couldn’t possibly understand, and a humorous return right back to reality when the police showed up to tell them to extinguish the fire they were having in the middle of the lake with no permit. Among the many funny developments with the ghosts, I like that Isaac tried to use democracy to his advantage to get elected but ended up having that used against him by the creepy basement dwellers. Alberta had a tough counter-campaign given Hetty’s belief that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I enjoyed Pete wanting to know sports scores and Trevor seeking an update on his Circuit City, Blockbuster, and Enron stocks, desires that aren’t so serious but should help to sustain the premise of this show. The emphasis on the expression “sucked off” was rather immature, but I think that’s just part of what to expect with this show given the infantile nature of some of its characters.

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