Saturday, March 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 5, Episode 3 “Oh, I’m Not Gonna Tell Her” (B+)

This show is great at subtle moments, though sometimes you really have to pay attention because there’s no explicit explanation about what’s going on and it only gradually becomes clear. Rich taking Max to have an abortion was a very sweet act of loyalty, but he was most uncomfortable with the idea of keeping it from Sam since he shares everything with her. It was particularly awkward timing for Xander to come by to drop off Duke and then ask for a glass of water before proceeding to take over her entire kitchen and cook a meal that made Sam immediately upset that it was so delicious. All of her friends texting her to make sure she was okay when they saw video and photos on Instagram showed that they cared, and of course she went straight to the one who was focused on her own unexpected romance, which had Sam giggling for several minutes nonstop. I like how Sam acts around celebrities, and Danny Trejo was relatively warm even if he didn’t think it was all that crazy that their kids went to the same school. Her volunteer reading session started out in a lackluster way but quickly turned interesting when she let the kids talk about what they want, an exciting opportunity to see her in action and eliciting passion from young people. Seeing her three children interact without her there was also interesting, particularly Max threatening Duke after she had just pretending not to care as much when Frankie said the same thing.

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