Thursday, March 3, 2022

Take Three: Severance

Severance: Season 1, Episode 3 “In Perpetuity” (B+)

It’s quite intense to see how Petey is experiencing life at the moment, describing it to Mark as happening in a non-linear way. He’s basically just not tethered to a moment in time or in space, and as a result, he wandered all over thinking that he was walking the maze-like halls at Lumon. It’s lucky that he didn’t get hit by a car on the middle of a bridge and that the police were there with him when he took what looked like a very bad fall outside the market. It’s helpful timing for Mark to have found his map on the back of the picture that Petey knew Mark would be tasked with replacing, and the sight once again of Milchick pulling out his phone as soon as Helly started going rogue suggests that, much as Mark was watching the many ways she was trying to communicate with her outie, they can’t actually scan for coded messages. It’s much more about indoctrination, like what Helly was experiencing when she was forced to read that shaming apology over and over until they felt like she meant it. Irving’s fealty to the grand Lumon tradition despite his being disciplined for fatigue, something he definitely can’t control, is even more disturbing, and the hallway run-in with Burt was particularly intriguing, especially considering Dylan’s pent-up hatred for him and his department. If it wasn’t already apparent, Peggy has not been severed, and she in fact is closely monitoring Mark, to the degree of bringing in the book that Rickon was so excited to deliver to his doorstep.

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