Thursday, March 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Suspicion

Suspicion: Season 1, Episode 5 “What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?” (B)

This episode stopped everything to focus in on all the suspects, who are now together, with no sign of the outside investigation aside from TV reports that we got to see. While that is interesting, it’s hard to truly piece things together without more context. The final scene gave us the big reveal that, apparently, the only one of them who’s actually guilty and involved is Eddie, who very truly got shot, which presumably wasn’t part of the plan. But Sean is definitely not a good guy, and he has still been trained to kill even if it’s not by the people who are hunting and framing them now. Even if it is Catherine’s people who are after them at this moment, Eddie and his allies still had to choose them for some reason and make them look guilty. Aadesh and Tara are connected to the Newmans in very direct fashion, and I do think that trusting Vanessa would be smarter than all going to America with Sean, who isn’t likely to leave too many witnesses like their neighbor behind when people start recognizing them. Tara did a remarkable job of putting on an act when the neighbor showed up, and she’s quickly catching up with Natalie as the most resourceful of the bunch, though Natalie is understandably distraught by her sister’s death and the fact that it may never come to light because the scene of the crime has been cleaned up so that no one ever knows that it even happened.

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