Tuesday, March 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 2, Episode 15 “Payroll, a Waterwall and Valley Forge” (B+)

I like that we’re not seeing an immediate resolution of Gina turning Drew down, but instead a number of opportunities for him to throw her lack of desire to commit in her face while they were acting to get the scoop on Golden Horizons, the top competitor to Valley Hills that managed to poach Althea. That piece of news did not come at a great time during the meeting when Gina was already talking about how they had lost another prospective resident to them, and then she found out later that they were actively poaching current residents. Their undercover visit as the O’Bama family allowed them to lean into the overacting, though it ended up being the residents themselves who rallied to save Valley Hills through some financial assistance and targeted negative reviews. Gina was smart to offer Althea a ten percent ownership stake in Valley Hills in order to get her to come back, but as we always knew, there’s a personal touch that Gina and her staff are able to give that just isn’t the same in a giant corporation, no matter how wealthy and well-funded it may be. Bert was a good cautionary tale for Gina when she was drowning herself in alcohol at the bar, but she seemed more intrigued by the idea of finding pieces of the nuts in her teeth the next morning than disgusted by it. Harry telling Drew that he didn’t think he had a future with Gina wasn’t necessarily kind but it was realistic, and Drew’s latest trip may be just what he needs to get the proper perspective and give Gina some time to decide what she really wants.

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