Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 10 “Happy Thoughts” (C)

It didn’t take much for Cassie’s father to die after a short confrontation with Ronald, who wasn’t even trying to kill him, but I suppose it should have been obvious that Wolf was still alive given that Rick took a bullet straight to the brain and emerged pretty much fine. What doesn’t make much sense is that he somehow saw himself as the good guy when Mark and Cassie showed up and he expected them to put their guns down so that he could help them find him. Scarlet wearing sunglasses wasn’t quite the disguise she thought it was, even if people aren’t looking for her like they are for Ronald, and it’s a wonder that they’ve managed to evade capture thus far with her threatening a security guard, Ronald killing a housekeeper, and Wolf’s gun flying around the floor of the truck. The sooner we can be done with Ronald and Scarlet, the better, especially since Ronald no longer has any value in terms of helping to take down the trafficking ring Rick was operating. We are getting more of a focus on the cartel family, with the famed father showing up, played by Bernard White, a familiar face from “Kidding” and “Silicon Valley.” I was also pleased to see Constance Zimmer from “UnREAL” and “Entourage” as his younger wife who is apparently used to having to put in her headphones so that the adults can talk business. Jag is so jealous of his sister’s success that he manipulated Tonya into telling him her plan so that he can pitch it as his own. The police department already doesn’t have enough resources for 24-hour surveillance on Max and her mom, which would have been helpful given their current predicament, and Jenny doesn’t know about Travis’ latest gamble, which might involve her working with Dietrich somehow to get him what he wants to spare his life.

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