Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 7 “Flower’s Article” (B+)

It’s hard to believe that Flower isn’t capable of maintaining focus for more than a few seconds, but it’s a recurring gimmick that seems to work well enough, especially as commented on by Isaac and Alberta. The ghosts really can help Sam and Jay in many ways, and if Sam used them as the basis for all her stories, she could be quite successful. I do like Ravi Patel, though he’s just around to make Sam think she’s crazy and that she’s wasting his time by constantly coming in when she could have just e-mailed him the very minor updates she has. It’s fun that Sasappis has a connection with Shiki, who Sam will now visit anytime she goes in to her new office. It’s also enjoyable to see how Jay wants to be able to interact with the ghosts, and how he and Sasappis were equally excited to be able to talk about how ghost sex works. Jay being a skilled game-player with the texting made him all too appealing to Trevor, who wished he had been alive for that, and it was funny that he had evidence ready of why such schemes are often important, given how strong his unsent message would have come on to her after their first date. Flower’s secret that she wasn’t willing to share ended up leading to yet another heartwarming reveal, one that was hinted at from the start when Jay brought Sam a coffee and ended up being a great affirmation of the love that she and Ira shared.

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