Wednesday, March 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 9 “Alberta’s Fan” (B+)

I’m intrigued by the apparently flexible rules of how ghosts work, and the idea that kids can often see ghosts, which may manifest as imaginary friends. That was a nice subplot for Thorfinn to express his desire for a closer relationship like he once had with Hetty, something she didn’t even know about it since she couldn’t remember him singing to her when she was a child. Her assertion that they couldn’t be hang-out-alone-together-outside-the-group-friends felt like a modern-day idea, but I guess it is a timeless concept, unlike, say, a land-ship. Todd showing up was an interesting development, and Isaac was naturally offended by the concept that anyone would be worth writing a book about aside from him. Todd’s obsessive personality became clear pretty quickly, and the tattoo of Alberta’s face on his back was a definite red flag. The concern that they had killed him with the freshly-expired chicken was almost as worrisome as the idea that he would die on the property, but fortunately it was revealed that he had nearly killed himself by drinking the poisoned moonshine, which not only confirmed that Alberta had been poisoned but also help put her on the map. It’s good for her legacy but also a positive thing for the bed and breakfast, though Jay doesn’t seem quite ready to put himself out there as a welcoming host ready to offer his clothes to guests who didn’t bring pajamas. I also liked that Pete is a staunch defender of the importance of travel agents.

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