Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 5 “Halloween” (B+)

Of course these ghosts aren’t a fan of Halloween because it doesn’t accurately reflect their experiences, and I appreciated Sasappis jumping in to pretend that he had died on Halloween and he was actually an account named Mike wearing a costume. His later insistence that he had sex many times when he accidentally suggested that he was a virgin was also entertaining, and it’s good to see him get more of a spotlight after he hasn’t figured all that prominently into things yet. Trevor also got to be the one pushing a screening of “Ghostbusters,” only to realize how much less entertaining it is as a ghost, with Pete and Alberta also horrified. Isaac’s military strategy wasn’t so helpful when they ended up setting the gazebo on fire and then blamed the terrible kids for it. Sam taking the ghosts’ advice on how to deal with them didn’t go so well, and Sam and Jay both seemed equally horrified by Zack’s throat-cutting motion when his mom’s back was turned. The cops were not happy to discover that they were returning to the same home which had been engaged in an illegal fire on the river recently, and Sam suddenly remembering that she had been smoking and caused the fire didn’t help at all. Trevor standing with Pete on telling the truth was unusual, but coming clean didn’t ultimately lead to positive things for the ghosts, who got a taste of their own medicine when Jay lectured them, compared them to the children in this scenario, and then took away TV privileges for a week.

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