Saturday, March 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: Season 1, Episode 9 “Jay Street” (B+)

I may not be all that well-versed on the comprehensive history of “How I Met Your Mother,” but I do know that Kyle MacLachlan, who I first got to know when I started watching “Twin Peaks,” was a memorable character and that he appears to be playing the same person in this show’s universe, which we already know is linked to the apartment that Lily and Marshall had. That was perhaps just a fun tease that fans of the original wanted to see, since there wasn’t any more mention of it throughout the episode. Valentina and Sid both knowing about the kiss meant that they got excited and of course talked to each other about it, which happened to coincide rather unfortunately with the day that everyone had promised Charlie they would watch soccer with him. Valentina was able to multitask and help a flailing Ellen decide what to wear for her interview and even prepare the perfect apology to Charlie that signified her recognition of how much he was missing home. Sid suggesting that there was a “good kind” of cheating was not a smart move, but things took a more serious turn when she told him she might be gone for much longer. Jesse going to see Meredith while Sophie went to break up with Drew was not a great idea, and as if her “I’m just missing J Street” lyrics weren’t enough, she got him with the hot sauce surprise game. Sophie ripped off the Band-Aid with Drew after his parents tried to steal her bad news thunder, and her showing up to the restaurant alone was not a good sign. But her future self did have the career-changing picture of Jesse in her home, so it’s still hard to tell what happens with their relationship.

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