Friday, March 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Pieces of Her (Series Finale)

Pieces of Her: Season 1, Episode 8 (B+)

I’m not sure what I expected here since things could really have ended any way since this is the finale of the show and the characters won’t be back for more after this. But there were still a few surprises saved for the finale, with a continuing sense of moral ambiguity about whether the people who committed crimes actually got punished. The biggest revelation was the one that Andy uncovered about her mother, realizing that Jane switched her purse with the woman posing as Grace, and brought the gun with her, telling her that she was afraid of what her father might do to her baby. That adds plenty of context to everything, including Martin putting something in her drink a few episodes earlier. It was fascinating to watch both Jane and Nick react as he got shot, the only two people in the audience not to duck for cover as soon as it happened, as Nick was about to activate what the real plan was. Nick has definitely done things worthy of imprisonment, like killing the real Grace when she got free, and so the idea is that he would pay for what he’s done even if the particular evidence convicting him was fabricated. Jasper also isn’t as guilty since he didn’t plan to have his father killed, but these are powerful people who don’t always get the consequences of their actions. Ending with Andy and Jane together felt as fitting as anything else, since this show was most about their relationship. I’m still curious about some of the pieces in between this show’s flashbacks and the present, but this show has definitely been intriguing and involving.

Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Bella Heathcote as Andy

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