Friday, March 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Pieces of Her (Penultimate Episode)

Pieces of Her: Season 1, Episode 7 (B+)

We didn’t get to see much more of Jane’s time with Nick aside from one very important moment where she found the audio evidence that Jasper conspired with him so that he could be put in charge of the company. Whether or not Jasper knew that Nick planned to kill his father isn’t as relevant since he was still willing to break the law and cover his tracks, which explains the leverage that Jane has over him and why she went straight into witness protection after her prison sentence without staying to mourn the loss of her dead brother with her only living relative. It was disorienting to see Andy waking up without knowing where she was and to get to know her surroundings through her experiences as a child when she was living there. Nick coming to visit her in the forest and pretending to be her imaginary friend didn’t feel all that predatory, but the fact that he kept in touch and wanted to be a part of her life explains his sudden interest in being reunited with her. We saw Jane go see Eli in the present but don’t have much context for what happened next, and Charlie is presumably dead or being held prisoner after that car crash that brought Andy to where she currently is. I’m not sure how much time the season finale will spend in the past or whether it will be solely set in the present, but I can’t imagine that all these characters survive and have a happy ending.

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