Wednesday, March 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 12 “Jay’s Sister” (B+)

I’m glad to see that the Nancy storyline has been ended without taking too much of this show’s attention, and that it actually helped in fostering a new development for one of its best characters, Pete. Knowing that he is always willing to compromise and sacrifice his own happiness is hardly a surprise, and the fact that the other ghosts know that and use it to their advantage also makes sense. Thor not believing in democracy and getting everyone to turn on Isaac was an amusing development on the way to Pete finally standing up for himself and earning Nancy’s respect in the process as she retreated back to the basement without telling Pete’s secret. Bela’s visit representing an interesting opportunity for Sam to step in and try to bond with someone she’s never felt has liked her all that much, and she was definitely too excited to hear about her breakup. But the news that she was talking to someone new was at first disappointing for her and then truly problematic, since Trevor’s need to flirt with women compelled him to take the painstaking steps to create a dating profile. Bela hearing the iPad and then thinking that they were purposely being cruel to her was a rough turn of events, but Sam proving her abilities was actually a cool reveal in the end. I like the idea that Trevor and Bela, if they were both alive, would have actually been a good match, and that Sam got to relay that to her.

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